City/country:Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Marital status:Single
American visa:No
Foreign travel passport:Yes
English language knowledge:Beginner

I went to music school. I learned to play the piano and guitar. I graduated from art school in the town of Bor with honors. I played with my sister in a band (we played cover songs). I study at the University of Architecture and Construction in Nizhny Novgorod at the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

I am learning the French language. I participated in various TV shows, TV programs as artists. In 2015, me and my sister had a personal exhibition in Moscow in the State Duma and the Central Office of the Liberal Democratic Party because of meeting with Vladimir Zhirinovsky on one of the TV programs.

At these exhibitions come more than 3,000 people in its first week. The opening was attended by some of the actors from the show business. Sergey Prikazchikov (Pizza Party) became the owner of one of my paintings exhibited. We also participated in the exhibition of paintings in Nizhny Novgorod. I am with my twin sister write pictures to order. Recently, we developed the idea of painting covers for phones, and in the future we plan to paint and other things. I would like to try yourself in the role of the designer-decorator.